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Blue Sapphire ring with leaf design

We find that a wedding ring is the only ring that people don’t mind when it starts looking scratched and worn. The wedding ring doesn’t need to be a shiny, perfect piece of jewellery. Instead it is a display of something more than just your taste or your spending power —An old wedding ring means a long marriage.

The following couples have stayed together for decades and that is definitely reason to celebrate. Let’s see how these husbands made jewellery gifts to mark the occasion.

R and his wife are celebrating 20 years of marriage so he chose a beautiful Royal Blue Sapphire with leaf-decoration on the band. Hidden at the back of the band is a tiny four-leaf clover as a nod to his wife’s Irish background.

D knew that the inifinity sign holds a special place in his wife’s heart. So we chose to make a bracelet in the form of an infinity sign. Emerald is the gemstone for 20th wedding anniversary, so we added 5 Emeralds to the bracelet – one for each member of their family. The Emeralds are bezel-set and the whole bracelet finished in a spray-matte that matches her wedding ring and previous celebration rings.

I loved the story from D and my son
as to how they worked with you
to create such a special piece of jewellery
and the significance of each individual element.

I absolutely love the design, the colour and vibrancy of the emeralds
and it fits just perfectly and is very comfortable too.

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