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This is an example of a cold call that we received from a salesperson that appears to sell some sort of payroll software. While the call may seem short and uneventful, there are actually some really good things to reflect on and discuss.0:00 – Cold Call Example 1:22 – Feedback and Analysis 11:08 – Wrap UpIf you want to here other cold call examples, visit our blog here is a link to the full SMART Sales System training program – is a link the SMART Sales System book – free ebooks on our website here more information on SalesScripter at www.salesscripter.comGet daily sales tips by following us here:Instagram Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Join our email tips list here #coldcallexample #payrollcoldcall #coldcallingexample #salesscriptforpayroll

20 thoughts on “An Example of a Cold Call from a Payroll Software Salesperson

  1. These situational examples are really valuable, pretty much paid-course level shit. Straight to the point.

    Thanks for helping us newbies!

    1. Coming from someone that is clearly scared of the prospect of being a sales person and has no ability beyond being a keyboard warrior.

  2. Admit you’re a sales person.

    Ask them this.

    If this was a sales call, would you want to hang up? It’s called a pattern disrupt.

    Curiosity tends to get the better of them and they tend to respond with, it would depend on what you’re selling.

    Being upfront losens people up and builds instant trust.

  3. Also, shouldn’t have to ask how much the annual revenue is. Well researched sales people would know the answer to this.

  4. yes but when you say im tring to connect with the finance director, they are going to ask who is calling. at which point when you explain your company it sounds very sales like as well.

  5. The “I’m sorry sir, what was your name?” question almost always makes me roll my eyes into where the conversation is heading.

    1. yeah but its sales people’s job, if one cannot find the name of the person in charge, what do you expect them to do? truly asking

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