+ Aion Aurelius of the Ten Thousand +

+ Aion Aurelius of the Ten Thousand +

Silence, but for the throb of twin hearts and a mind roaring, was absolute. Flakes of ice fell silently around the giant. Lucian of the First knelt down. And prayed. Prayed for their arrival. Safe arrival. Speedy arrival.

Everything he had been told was a lie.

Palleggio Monstrare, Venus M42


Greetings friend,

One of the dozen hobbyists still left out here? Hope you are well? Thank you for reading and witnessing the beginning of second phase of Ynqvisitor. Planetary war. Utter terror and devastation. And the Emperor’s retribution.

Living in M02022, two years into the plague has been quite an education. The hobby have ebbed and flowed from struggle to triumph and back. But today we are back. The Iron Sleet celebration of this wonderful hobby shall be unleashed once again.

And for me it is an opportunity to finally do a full army of the most special beings standing in defence of humanity. Alchemically engineered Demi gods of war, protectors and companions of God Emperor of Mankind, Adeptus Custodes, the Ten thousand.

I’m unleashing from this source of + inspirations and musings +


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