Add a job board to WordPress with the WP Job Manager plugin .com/watch?v=xbdfVbiyCkI

In this video I do a walkthrough of how to add a job board to your WordPress website using the WP Job Manager WordPress plugin.———- Follow us here:LinkedIn: Facebook: Twitter:

13 thoughts on “Add a job board to WordPress with the WP Job Manager plugin

  1. Any chance you can link this plugin or similar to indeed? Would love to create jobs in one place and have them displayed on both job boards!

    1. Hi Charlie, thanks for the question! In your case, where would you like to create the jobs? In WordPress?

  2. To all people who are watching this video: His sound seems a little low but this is roundly the most complete tutorial for wp job manager plugin He teaches you how to install it and how to make a real job Board ( the user will type his information in your site and not just send an email for you) He will use an add-on for his plugin which you should buy it from the WordPress or the developer’s site ( it’s not free but really needed!) The Plugin name is ” WP Job Manager Applications Add-on Premium”. He uploads the file and uses it ( it was almost a day that I was searching to find out how to create a real. job Board with this plugin and I was almost in the way of using another plugin) . This Viedo is almost all you need to work with this plugin a big thumbs up to you bro

  3. HI, thanks for the vid. Quick question: I’ve uploaded WP JM, but my dashboard looks nothing like yours. I tried uninstalling and reinstalling but it’s still different (it didn’t run the wizard thing on second install). Also, there’s no WP JM in my plugin list at the bottom left hand side of the dashboard, but I can see all the other plugins. Any idea how I can fix this? I’ve a mind to bin the whole lot and use something different.

    1. That sounds to me as though it has not installed correctly and the plugin is not active. Do you have the “Job Listings” post type in the admin menu? [M]

  4. Hello, How can we link the WP Job Manager sign in to submit resume and for employers to post a job without having the WP login come up. I would like to make a custom login for employers and applicants that is not the WP login. Thank you!

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