Hi my name is Rebecca and in this video I talk you through what I wish I had known before I studied AAT. I am both AAT and ACA qualified so in this video I share with you my thoughts and exactly what I wish I had known before studying AAT (AAT level 2, AAT level 3, AAT level 4) and it might also answer a few questions that you have.If you are currently looking to study accounting the following playlist might help you too :) please do consider subscribing but otherwise I hope you find it useful x


  1. Thank you to all of you for supporting the channel and for your lovely comments I have just released my brand new website so thought that I would leave a link here where you can find even more free content to help with your studies x 💗

  2. Hai . I am from Northern Ireland Belfast . I would like to start aat leave . From where can I start ? Guide me to some of the institutes please ?

    1. Hi Jesu I would suggest taking a look at the AAT website or the ICB website as they have a lot of detailed guidance on there on where to start

  3. Hi I’m just about to start my level 2 AAT with staysharp. Would you say I can complete it quicker than 6-12 months if I do 7 or 8 hours every day? And is staysharp a reliable course provider? Thankyou

    1. Hi hun you can definitely do level 2 in 6 to 12 months x and I haven’t heard of staysharp previously but I will take a look :)

  4. Hi Rebecca great video! I dropped out of uni as I want to study AAT at a night course. Would u recommend going to level 3 straight away without any experience ?

    1. Hi Ollie yes I think it is doable certainly but i would recommend taking the credential check on the aat website as once completed it recommends a course level to start with x

    1. Hi hun I don’t know of anyone who has studied with them but I would be interested to hear of others experiences here

  5. Starting mine on Wednesday I’m 31 going after a career change…feel abit more at ease after watching this been 15 years since I was at college

    1. @Miss Finance Thankyou so much ! I’ve subbed and checked your website but I’m not on facebook ! but I will be working my way through your youtube channel haha

  6. Hi Rebecca
    I completed the level 2 a couple of years ago and found it quite easy but recently I started the level 3 and find it quite overwhelming, what can I do to overcome this feeling and study with ease?

  7. when I began university with a BA in criminology, simultaneously I started a job in bookkeeping. Four years later, I am pro with excel I can prepare and submit vat returns, bank analysis, self-assessments and payroll. However, I am not qualified and since I am looking to start my own bookkeeping practice, I wonder what is going to be the best route. Also, I am slightly afraid to ask my boss bespoke questions as I don’t want him to think that I am leaving. What would you advise me?

    1. Hi Kris, there are a few differences but mainly in what your licence allows you to do, for instance if you are a chartered accountant then you may sign off a set of accounts for instance x

    1. @Miss Finance thanks, I’m 18 doing an apprenticeship in internal audit so I’m doing AAT first then ACA after. Do you know if I can go into any jobs that are along the lines working within investments/banking/asset managing etc.

  8. I’m planning to do an AAT in January (self-study) at the age of 21 (Finished a maths degree but not really useful in my finance job). Thanks for the advice

  9. Hello.. I’m currently studying bsc Hons accounting and finance and I’m also looking to have professional accounting degree.. my main question is what should I pursue AAT or ACCA which is more suitable for me . Please someone give their valuable opinion as this is really concerning me

  10. Hi i am going to start college, noticed you didn’t mention level 1 but i have no gcse’s and am taking a career change, so i will have to start at level 1. Would you advice me on anything?

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