AAT Foundation Level Bookkeeping Transactions & Controls Revision Class Lecture 1

https://www.youtube .com/watch?v=SGES6opkUxs

Join First Intuition for a revision class for AAT’s Foundation Bookkeeping Transactions and Controls exams. The class was originally broadcast live to students in 2021.If you’ve enjoyed this session and would like to join the live sessions we are continuing to run the AAT revision sessions for level 2 – level 4 including the synoptic assessments!Sign up here: https://www.firstintuition.co.uk/fihub/aat-revision-sessions-with-our-expert-tutors/If you would like to book an AAT course with us you can find your nearest study centre here: https://www.firstintuition.co.uk/classroom-courses/Please note this video was recorded live so there are some features that may be mentioned in the video that is no longer available.For more information on our courses please go to:

First Intuition began in 2007 with a single thought – to put the learner at the centre of everything. Since then we have won awards, opened a national network of study centres and now deliver to over 7,000 students per year.We offer courses for the following Qualifications:AAT ACCA CIMA ICAEW CMIWe believe that every learner is different, and one-size doesn’t always fit all. We are happy to spend time with our learners to build a programme that fits in with their busy lifestyles.With 15 study centres across the UK and online study options we can create a blend of programmes to fit in with the most demanding of lives.#AATFoundation #Bookkeeping #AATBookkeeping

7 thoughts on “AAT Foundation Level Bookkeeping Transactions & Controls Revision Class Lecture 1

  1. For number 4 in the table, rather than a purchase – expense account increasing (debit), could it be an asset increase, as you’ve purchased inventory/stock which is an asset?

  2. This is excellent content! This one video has helped me so much in my understanding of double entry and types of errors. Thank you so much for this, can’t wait to watch the next revision sessions.

  3. Thanks, enjoyed the interactive element of this. It’s a good complimentary extra for people who are studying through the ROGO lectures.

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