A Warning For Safe Deposit Box Owners

https://www.youtube .com/watch?v=U2JOjfGZyD0

A Twin Cities woman thought her cash and valuables were literally money in the bank — but then she discovered more than $60K and family heirlooms missing from her safe deposit box, reports Liz Collin (3:25). WCCO 4 News At 10 – February 6, 2020

16 thoughts on “A Warning For Safe Deposit Box Owners

  1. You can use your cell phone to record the contents privately while the security is watching 24/7 after you’re recording, if the bank was robbed did they send you a letter or email?

  2. In my case The bank BB&T had the key to the box not me.an they signed in an out of the vault.My deposit box was full of money. Rolity I made ofd a design. Thier employees signed a NDA an act like the box never existed. BB&T in Lenoir Nc now truist.

  3. Did she know there is FDIC protection and a bank account? Why would she store $65,000 in cash in a box when it’s protected in an account by the federal government? Tax evasion? If it were assets like jewelry, it would be a different story
    Something is fishy here.

    1. Tax evasion duh. And especially you cannot have free health care aid, food stamps, discounted electric bills and gas. Free 100% financial aid in college. 😂.

  4. I feel so sorry for her. The crux of the issue is regular folks have no idea about finance and the legal fine print of contracts they sign. It could have been avoided if the bank had explained to her that money is insured in her account but not in the safe deposit box. Even better she wouldn’t have had her savings in cash all those years.
    Banks can not be trusted to act in the customers best interest, they act in their own interest. Having insured money in your savings account is fine if you’re ok with inflation eating up 10% or more each year because federal banks reach into our collective pockets and keep diluting our savings. Leaving the fiat system and being your own bank can solve all these issues. While keeping gold at home is always risky, something like Bitcoin isn’t if you know how to set it up securely. They could ransack your home and take everything and still never get to it. Because it’s not located in any physical place.

  5. Ok wait so if bank employees can not open the box with a bank key. And only the renter can, how the hell did her belongings come up missing? Further more, I have to wonder why are safety deposit boxes not covered under FDIC insurance just as regular deposit accounts are? How can banks expect customers to confidently pay extra rental fees for a safety deposit box if banks cannot ensure the security of those boxes. Someone had to have successfully phished for this lady’s personal info and then posed as her to gain access to her box and a bumbling employee failed to pay attention to detail and played right into a scammers hands.

  6. After my friend’s dad passed away, he went to grab his dad’s stuff in his safe box. There were a lot of stuff missing.

  7. This is QUITE CONCERNING. Reason being…depending on YOUR STATE LAWS, a Notary Public is sometimes present to inventory the contents of a safety deposit box. A locksmith would drill the box open. I just can’t put together….HOW this could have happened. I used to think a safe deposit box can be idea. BUT…DEFINITELY SECOND THOUGHTS…NOW…uuugh.

  8. My grandmother knew a lot about CD bonds I never was able to get into them before she passed on and that’s why my let my mom see for that that if my grandmother actually left or something I could have actually got a safety deposit box cuz I really know the way my little sister is since the day of birth she’s been breaking things like she was Bam Bam from The Fred Flintstones but I didn’t do that actually went got two savings bonds one from One bank and one from the other not going to mention them cuz they’re conflicting but I’m waiting for the next Instagram information on the ATM robbery and let the people see for themselves who’s to blame for what but I know that said you deposit box for my grandmother it’s definitely got to be empty cuz I don’t have a damn I don’t have a damn thing left on me and all I have is a bunch of rags and easily the little bit of soap and Rags I have can disappear

  9. cops are stopping people and searching them and there cars , taking what they want …all over the country . don’t believe me check it out!

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