A Japanese-Inspired Home That Experiments with Interior Design, Space and Usability (House Tour)

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Nestled in the northern suburb of Coburg, Harry House by Archier is a Japanese-inspired home that radiates familiarity and comfort.As per the clients’ brief, Harry House is a Japanese-inspired home, with Archier incorporating Japanese design into many aspects of the architecture. Originally, the site was a double-fronted pre-war weatherboard cottage; the clients wanted to retain the entry’s warmth but reorientate the living space to frame the green foliage. This allowed the space to be maximised, combining the old and new aspects of the building.Named after the family dog ‘Harry’, Harry House experiments with interior design, space and usability. The materials were chosen with care, making sure that each element ages well and is robust for family life. The textures celebrate honest carpentry, with materials that are unpolished yet full of life, adding to the atmosphere of the home.Harry House is centred around family, with bespoke living areas that connect multiple aspects of the home. This includes the soft netted areas located in the voids, allowing the residents to occupy spaces without needing furniture.Archier’s extension adds new elements of play, specifically in its design references to a childhood treehouse. The client’s Japanese heritage inspired the house, including how the space interplays with natural light and connection to the lush gardens. Located 10 minutes from the Archier Studio, the house has access to the Merri Creek, as well as restaurants on Lygon Street and Sydney Road.As a Japanese-inspired home, the layout of the bathrooms was important for functionality and design. With separate spaces for the toilet, basin and bathing, it is easy to see how the architecture was influenced by the client’s heritage, honouring the traditional ways Japanese bathrooms are configured.Having exceeded the clients’ expectations, and taking design inspiration from the client’s Japanese heritage, Harry House by Archier is a sustainable home, ready to raise a young family.Architecture and Interior Design by Archier. Filmed and Edited by Dan Preston. Production by The Local Project.#JapaneseInspiredHome #Archier #HarryHouse

20 thoughts on “A Japanese-Inspired Home That Experiments with Interior Design, Space and Usability (House Tour)

  1. This might be my favourite house I’ve seen on all of youtube. It’s so beautifully made, love the garden wrapping around the building, the light, the colour scheme, the step-down kitchen, the respect for the historic structure, the Japanese-inspired detailing, it’s all very, very beautiful!

  2. i would never live in japan even if i looked like a japanese person or spoke japanese. (interracial dating👎)

  3. I’m sure it’s been military-grade secured but putting my weight on that net with a drop like that would have me nervous!

  4. lets talk about sustainability, build sustainable housing for the working folk and not your ego, bunch of uppity architects building lavish homes for themselves

  5. I wish floor plan and sections will be incorporated into the videos so we can how the spaces interact with each other.

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