A half-billion bucks well worth of silver and gold coins lea…

https://www.youtube .com/watch?v=5XaAnXzNbAA

Tampa-based Odyssey Marine Exploration shed their fight with Spain as well as passed on 17 lots of silver and gold coins they obtained from the flooring of the Atlantic.

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  1. I’m bending over backwards to understand the logic in this case, and it just isn’t coming to me. Even if you take Spain’s right to the treasure as a given, then Odyssey should still be compensated for the time and resources expended to find the treasure. And yet instead, the opposite is happening; Spain is suing Odyssey!

    I just don’t understand it.

    1. So how is them going out and spending millions trying to find sunken treasures that no one else is willing to spend the money or efforts to find them. Your obviously someone who believes everything they hear on the news you dont even know what is going on behind the scenes

  2. Hey Bart, will stick around to see just how you’re going to pin this one on Harry(not his real name) Hubbard and Russ. I don’t know how but you will certainly know a way. Now, get cracking…..I wonder if the crew of Odyssey rented an airlift out of Texas with a bad check….heh..he..heeeeeeeeee! Luv U man! Keep coming with the conspiracies.

  3. Odyssey’s battle wasn’t with Spain, but with corrupt officials in Hillary’s State Department. WikiLeaks produced cables showing that our own govt. sided with Spain in exchange for the possible return of a valuable painting to an Obama campaign donor’s family. Odyssey should, at the very least, have dumped the treasure back on the wreck site and forced Spain to spend their own funds recovering it instead of letting the American firm do the dirty work for them.

    Screw Spain, Screw Hillary!

  4. U.S. politicians and news anchors would have threatened with war on national television if Europe wouldn’t surrendered to U.S. sovereignty and law.

    Even though the company has the resources and technology to fish up the treasures doesn’t mean they automatically have the right to steal it.

  5. this is a common occurrence with private entities doing the research and work to recover items deemed lost for hundreds of years then governments trying to grab some (or in this case all ) of the spoils – – Mel Fisher vs The State of Florida ( the Attocha)  which Mel finally won after much litigation. History has been rewritten by people who go looking to try to find things – – not just treasure but answers. Finding and exploring wrecks gives us a window into the past and when pieces of that past are recovered it gives us something tangible to remember an era, a ship , an event, something you could only read about.  I think the Spanish government should have at least paid recovery cost – – I would have given serious consideration to loading the coins onto a ship and dropping the whole find back on the ocean floor – – if they want it let them go down and get it !! The Spanish stole the minerals in the first place if you want to get technical – – if it was to be returned to its true owners it would go back to museums in Central or South American 

    1. The first boat had SPANISH flag was in Spanish territorial waters its content was the Spanish crown, the sailors were Spanish and no contract to any company of pirates to espoliar a tomb marine Spanish as considered in Spain to the hundreds of shipwrecks with Spanish flag. knows where Spain is each hundindos boats thanks to file Indies from Simancas and the General Archives of the Navy. Spain not steal anything because the land they were from the gold and silver were the Crown Spanish and not esistian these countries as such. The pirate odyssey company wanted to sell the treasure in the museum that has was not to investigate or discover anything was just for enrichment

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