8 Important Things to Know before Visiting Nairobi National Park

8 Things to Know Before Visiting Nairobi National Park

8 Things to Know Before Visiting Nairobi National Park

A visit to Nairobi National Park in Kenya is one of the most unforgettable experiences any traveler can have.

It is a perfect location to explore Africa’s natural beauty, equaled by a few worldwide.

However, if you plan to visit Nairobi National Park, you should know a few things about your trip before arriving.


  1. Day Trips to Nairobi National Park

Nairobi National Park is located in Kenya, about 13 miles from Nairobi. As a result, visiting the park as part of your itinerary as you travel around Kenya is convenient.

However, if you are only visiting Nairobi and looking to spend a day or two at the park, there are a few other nearby parks that you can also add to your itinerary.

  1. Climate

The average temperature in Nairobi National Park is about 25 degrees Fahrenheit. Moisture is abundant, and the weather is usually sunny.

However, your day will become extremely hot and humid as you get closer to the equator.

You must bring sunscreen, a hat, and drinking water when visiting Nairobi National Park.

Main Gate of the Nairobi national park
  1. Time of Day – Best Time to Visit Nairobi National Park

Visiting the park at different times will allow you to view the wildlife in different conditions.

For example, the early morning and late afternoon are particularly good times to see migrating animals.

The animals usually sun themselves in the morning and hunt for food in the afternoon. Animals are also more active during these times of day, which makes them easier to view.

  1. Wildlife of Nairobi National Park

One of the most famous residents of Nairobi National Park is the lion. However, it is not the only species out of many that can be found in the park.

The common animals here include giraffes, hippopotamuses, gazelles, and elephants.

If you are lucky, you can locate a leopard or elephant enjoying its habitat in Nairobi National Park.

8 Things to Know Before Visiting Nairobi National Park
Nairobi National Park
  1. Transportation and Access

Visiting Nairobi National Park may require renting a car or flying into the park on a helicopter. However, renting a car is the best way to get around if you only visit Nairobi.

If you are only visiting Nairobi National Park as part of your trip, it may be easier to fly directly into the park.

Game drives are one of the best ways to experience wildlife in the wild.

  1. Lodging and Accommodation at Nairobi National Park

There are several options for lodging in the park itself. There are also luxurious lodges near the park that provide some of the best services in the bush.

However, since Nairobi National Park is located outside of Nairobi, one can choose to stay in the city.

There are several hotels to choose from in Nairobi, and you can find some near the park to make your visit more convenient.

  1. Nairobi National Park Map

Nairobi National Park contains two different vegetation zones. Savannas that are open and in the forest.

Every intersection has a road number from 1 to 30, numbered. There are also several dams, including Karen C., Olomomanyi, Nagolomon, and Hyena.

8 Things to Know Before Visiting Nairobi National Park
Nairobi National Park
  1. Where to Camp inside the Park

There is no better way of experiencing the African bush than camping, and Nairobi national park has magnificent camping sites that are safe and beautiful.

The park has three open campsites with power, hot water showers, and shared kitchens.
You can rent a tent at the main gate if you don’t have one.

Nairobi National park also offers a more “luxury camping” experience if you’re looking to step up from simply pitching a tent.
There are several controlled camping sites, each with a shower and solar lights.

  1. Picnic sites in Nairobi National Park

Inside the Nairobi National Park, there are five operational picnic areas. They include the impala, kingfisher, ivory burning, Mokoyiet, and hippo pool.

You can bring your own food and beverages into the park and have a picnic at any of the picnic sites. Plastic use, however, is not authorized in the park.

8 Things to Know Before Visiting Nairobi National Park
Nairobi National Park

10. Entrance charges to Nairobi National Park

Payment options accepted by the park administration include bank deposits, cards, Mpesa, and KWS smart cards.

The standard payment for non-residents is $43. Citizens pay Kshs 430 while residents pay Kshs 430.
You can pay at either the east gate or the main gate.

See more detailed park fees here 

8 Things to Know Before Visiting Nairobi National Park
Nairobi National Park

In conclusion, Nairobi National Park is a very beautiful and special place, and it is one of the best places to view the wildlife of the African continent. However, you must choose your accommodations carefully if you are only visiting Nairobi.

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