7 Clever SEO Tips You Can Implement Today

https://www.youtube .com/watch?v=I7KBsIWmaEc

We’ve got 7 blogging tips and tricks that blew Ricky’s mind and we think you’ll love them too!Thank for the tip submissions from sites like:

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20 thoughts on “7 Clever SEO Tips You Can Implement Today

  1. PSA: If you think Ricky was acting weird in the video, you have to watch until the very end to get the joke :-)

    1. Since the first take of the water scene was not successful, I wonder if Jim had to change to a new same colored shirt to retake the same water scene hahaha

    2. Hey jim and ricky i am your die hard fan and i was learning through your youtube video i want to buy your project 24 course but i am not able to buy it because i am just arranging money for hosting so if you help me to guide it will help me lot to start my fist wsbsite..

      I am from india and 500$ doller is much money for us you can see on exchange rate of money.. 🌹

  2. Google Analytics query: ?S= this will show what people are searching for keywords I am not giving my visitors

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