6m Delta Loop With 2:1 Balun

6m Delta Loop With 2:1 Balun

In a previous post , I built a 6m Delta Loop and used 75 ohm coax for the matching. The antenna has worked very well and was easy to make. Out of curiosity, I wanted to see how the delta loop would perform with a 2:1 Balun compared to the 75 ohm coax matching.

The basic setup of the Delta Loop has not changed. The air choke and 75 ohm coax have been replaced with a home brew 2:1 balun.

The 2:1 balun has a 1:1 choke connected before the coax connection. This will help keep RF out of the shack.

If testing goes well another post will be made for winding the home brew balun and 1:1 choke.

To protect the balun from the elements, it was installed in an enclosure. Stainless steal bolts are used as lugs to connect the radiating elements to the balun.

Five stainless steal screws hold the cover to the enclosure. (not pictured)

Since there has been rain all week, the new 6m Delta loop has only been setup down low for basic tuning.

Since the antenna is not in its permanent testing location, it has not been fully tuned. Once it has been installed, final tuning and testing will be done.


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