5 Worst Driving Habits for Karting (#5 IS SUPER IMPORTANT)



Over the years, I have coached many drivers. Even though all of the drivers have their own unique driving styles, they all tend to have a few of these bad habits. After looking back on my career, I noticed that I too had these bad habits. Find out what they are and how to fix them in this video!

25 thoughts on “5 Worst Driving Habits for Karting (#5 IS SUPER IMPORTANT)

  1. “Your engine needs time to breathe, time to cool off during cornering so that it has more power to accelerate in the straight” what the f ? Is this a real thing lmao ?

    1. @kek 1tap Lift until the kart is pointed in the direction that you want to go. If you apply the throttle early and the kart isn’t pointed the correct direction, you will be stealing the fuel from when you need it.

    2. @Ryan Norberg after apex you get back on throttle progressively……..I understand what you mean with engine breathing but I really don’t understand how that knowledge would ever be applicable to improve my driving, if you know what I mean.

      Also know I’m not arguing at all, I’m genuinely curious how I can apply this lol

    3. @Ryan Norberg Like, of course you get off throttle before apex, and ofc you get back on after….basic stuff….I don’t get how this engine breathing knowledge would change that 🤔 Also, some corners you can get through without lifting by keeping minimal throttle pressure on……Does this engine breathing mean it might be better to release throttle completely for a tiny amount of time instead of keeping minimal throttle ?

    4. @kek 1tap I understand the confusion. Im not trying to say you need to lift in flat out corners or change the way you drive.The point I’m trying to make in the video is that applying the throttle too early doesn’t just hurt your racing line and the chassis. It also affects your engine performance.

  2. I am sorry Ryan, but tip #4 makes no sense. Imagine drivers doing a giant oval. It appears you are saying they shouldn’t accelerate until the karts are going straight? What does the driver do in giant horseshoe or carousel turns? Coast through them? If I don’t start accelerating when doing a sharp U-turn, my kart will come to a dead stop. Time to breathe? I help it to breathe by opening the throttle fully. No one has ever won any race by not stepping on the throttle to let the engine breathe. Watching any of your GoPro footage, anyone can see you are accelerating before the car is going straight? If the exhaust temp is going up, that means you are making power! If the temp shows a too lean condition, you need to add more fuel, not less throttle! Time to fix your jetting.

    1. In the racing community when you say “straight” you don’t actually mean straight. It means when the kart is pointed the direction you want to go. Straight means You don’t have to ad input to the steering wheel on exit. There are always exceptions to rules. There are some corners where you don’t but for the most part waiting until the kart is pointed the correct direction is always correct. Big ovals are different. And regarding the engine breathing I am correct. When you accelerate too early you are taking fuel away from the engine unnecessarily. And when the kart is “straight” and want to actually accelerate you will not have enough fuel and it will starve the engine. You can actually see this on engine data. If the exhaust temp goes up that does not mean you are making power. The exhaust temp is reading temperature. If the exhaust temp is too high in the middle of a corner you are running it too lean and starving the engine. That’s why a good engine builder will look at the min and max egt.

  3. With going to the outside of the kart. It’s sooooo annoying when you go around a high g force corner and you haven’t gone out for a while so your body gets pushed out and you can feel the kart getting less grippy

  4. first race today these tips helped a lot got p1, but thats bc everyone got stuck in a pile, ill take though

  5. Super helpful, but what about holding both feet on the gas and brake? Took me so long to get out of this habit.

  6. I’m an arrive and drive enthusiast. I drive electric with shoulder harnesses and gas with no harnesses. My problem is I have neck issues. My doctor recommended a frontal restraint device. I have only found one system even close (Simpson Hybrid Sport and 360+) but even Simpson told me that system really needs shoulder straps. Have you seen any solution that can provide that frontal protection I can use no matter what kart type I’m driving? Any help is greatly appreciated.

  7. A smaller steering wheel needs less input than a bigger one, but it is harder to turn. Holding a wide grip makes it easier to turn than holding a narrow grip.

  8. At number four: body position, instead of saying keep still! Maybe you should say shift your weight slowly and before the corner. This is how you do it to not upset the kart.

    Summary: teach how to be that “1%” instead of saying you can’t handle it don’t do it. In reality, it is very simple as long as you are familiar with basic physics.

  9. my son holds steering wheel with one high and one low at 7:00 and 2:00… he hasn’t lost a race in 3 years.. Jean Alesi use to hold at 12:00 and 9:00… Senna use to push and Prost use to pull…. sometimes some general rules cant be in stone but these were days when F-1 cars had wheels as go karts still do…

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