5 Reasons to Avoid Accounting (as a Career)

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🔴Subscribe for more Accounting Tutorials → https://geni.us/subtothechannelHow do you know if you should be an Accountant? In this video I’ll give you 5 reasons why you shouldn’t do Accounting as a career. I’ll compare my expectations going into Audit and Financial Accounting with the reality of what I experienced. Hopefully these points will help you decide if you really want to be an Accountant.⏱️TIMESTAMPS 00:00 – Intro 00:51 – Accountants Need to be Good at Maths 01:54 – Accounting is Boring 03:04 – Accounting is Hard 03:56 – Accountants Work Long Hours 04:54 – The Future of Accounting (Risk of Automation)🚶FOLLOW ME ON ▪ Insta → https://www.instagram.com/accountingstuff ▪ Twitter → https://twitter.com/AccountantStuff🎬LEARN ACCOUNTING BASICS FOR FREE ▪ The Full Playlist → https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL5zKSeS09l339nB6ujJPQ9Rsv99_b-aTb________________________#accounting #accountingbasics #accountingstuff

17 thoughts on “5 Reasons to Avoid Accounting (as a Career)

  1. Hello, I’m your colleague from Ukraine, also want to make videos about an accounting. I would like to translate this video in Ukrainian and place it on my channel to motivate our young people and to help them to understand help them understand whether or not they should consider a career as an accountant. Of course, there will be link on your video and your channel as the source.

  2. great video! if i want to become an accountant even though i don’t have a degree in it (i have a psych degre) where should i start? do you have any recommendations on how to start teaching myself? if possible, may you please send me a list of textbooks you used or any other resources you used to learn accounting? what skills do i have to build up to land a job?

  3. Iv been an accountant for 6 years and hate it because of excel. I am one of those people who believes excel is outdate. It came out a year before I was born. I think its ok for small business who cant afford programs or to download data and review but creating the formulas are just too complex. A computer program should do it for me. I also believe that Excel creates more errors and problems than a human and accounting program does. Im only in because of the benefits. but realized my luck is running out.

  4. This video is infuriating. As a former bookkeeper, accountant, and cfo, I can tell you that the #1 reason to avoid accounting as a career is that it will steal your soul. At least here in the U.S., your entire job will, by definition, be about one thing, and one thing only – helping rich people keep more of their money. You can try to justify it any way you like, but at its core, its essence, that is what every accountant is doing, whether they realize it or not. ✌️

  5. Here’s an idea, especially for tax accountants, especially during the busy season – for every data or journal entry you make, don’t just make it as fast as you can – Think about what it is you’re Actually doing. That dilapidated school you drive past every morning, wondering why they don’t have the funds to fix it up? YOU. The people who talk about “income inequality,” with whom you mostly agree? YOU. That candidate you voted for because she promised to make people/companies pay “their fair share?” Do you know who she’s in battle against? YOU.
    I hope at least one person reads this and gets out before it’s too late…

  6. I would sum it up as a shitty industry to go into unless you’re planning to be the pigeon at the top of the ladder pooing on all the pigeons below you. Long hours, mediocre pay (considering the job), unrealistic employer expectations, unused vacation time being wasted because of the work load, constant employee turnover, constant oversight, no autonomy, no flexibility, constant deadlines…. yeah, it sucks

  7. Title of video seems a play on words, not switch bait, but just outside of definition. Accounting is a communications medium, a technology. We should always remember the reasons for application. I received my accounting degree because it was interesting. After a few years, reality pits the accountant to one side and, then, the other. Look into the narrator’s eyes. What is he signaling? The signal may be subconscious. He may not be aware of it. The accountant is a tool for sale. The accountant is useful. Accounting is necessary. Douglas Adams, author of Hitchhiker’s Guide to The Galaxy, is quality reference. So too is the work of Marshall McLuhan. If Jacque Fresco were with us, what would he say about the profession of accounting?

    “It’s an important and popular fact that things are not always what they seem.” – Douglas Adams

    “All media exists to invest our lives with artificial perceptions and arbitrary values.” – Marshall McLuhan

    Conformity or Sanity (1978) – Jacque Fresco

    Expectations – Jacque Freseso

  8. seriously contemplating if I really wanna be doing this for the next 20 odd years and this video really made me feel better🙇‍♀

  9. Well for starters I’m definitely not going to be an accountant, due to the lack thereof understanding accounting principles

  10. The job security is amazing…you’ll more than likely always have a job in any economy, even catastrophes like Covid….but the work is boring and monotonous. Good music to listen or podcasts will be your friend.

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