4 Resources To Make You A Better Madden 23 Player – Stick Skills

Every year we ask our friends at Madden School if they have anything they can share to help our readers be better at the new game. Today, we are bringing you 4 of their best Madden 23 tips.

Tip #1: Learn The Importance Of Superstar Abilities

In previous Madden games, player ratings were really all that mattered. Specifically, physical player ratings like speed and throw power.

That all changes with the superstar abilities. Receivers can get separation from defenders because of abilities like Route Technician or Slot-O-Matic and Quarterbacks can get throw power velocity from abilities like Set Feet Lead.

The requirements to get these abilities have changed a little in both Franchise mode and Ultimate Team, so you’ll want to check out the Madden 23 Superstar ability tier list to get a better understand of both regular abilities and X-Factors.

Tip #2: Stick With 1 Playbook Early On

It is totally fine to jump around and test playbooks in the first few days of getting the game, but once you make that decision on a playbook, stick with it for a while.

In order to master a playbook, you need to slowly find more and more money plays, effective formations, and ultimately full schemes to run. You can’t do this if every couple of days you start over from scratch.

One of the best resources around in the Madden 23 playbooks tool from Madden School. It hasn’t been updated just yet for the new game, but when it inevitably does get the much anticipated update, it is much easier to browse on there then through the game interface.

Tip #3: Seek Help From Experts

There is no shame in getting some help from people who know more than you on a subject. You can lab plays with a more experienced friend, you can search YouTube, or you can just grab some of the Madden 23 ebooks & guides from our friends at Madden School.

Yes, putting in more hours playing Madden will make you better, but it is so much more effective to practice the “right” way. You’ll notice a difference almost immediately.

Tip #4: Play To Your Teams’ Strength

So many people get caught up in whatever the trending META (most effective tactic available) is. There are a few problems with that.

First, it completely overlooks how you have built your team. If the META is scrambling with a fast quarterback and you have Tom Brady, you shouldn’t try to replicate that.

Second, those tactics often get patched within a few weeks because they are too effective.

Your goal should be to create a sustainable offense and defense that you can continue to build on all year. If you are always chasing the new thing, you will always be behind.

Big thanks to Madden School for sharing their thoughts on the new game. Now, what are some of your best Madden 23 tips and strategies? Share in the comments!

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