4 ETERNITY RINGS: Which is your style?

https://www.youtube .com/watch?v=LoPQTqRMh30

Eternity rings come in different shapes and styles; discover FOUR in this video.Sometimes it’s impossible to describe a piece of jewellery; you simply need to see it. Sue, Senior Sales Consultant in Burrells Kingston, has selected four different styles of eternity rings to showcase today.This is only a small cross-section of the grand choice of jewellery at Burrells, but which styles has Sue chosen? + a platinum half eternity + an 18ct yellow gold with round cut diamond + diamond and sapphire design + a full platinum diamond settingSUBSCRIBE to Burrells for weekly videos ▶ https://brls.uk/2rWWXxAWHAT IS AN ETERNITY RING? ▶ https://brls.uk/2yarFq2We DESIGNED Jennie’s eternity ring ▶ https://brls.uk/2wwkqHXHOW MUCH DOES A DIAMOND COST? ▶ https://brls.uk/2J9WqheHAVE A QUESTION ABOUT ETERNITY RINGS? Comment it below!– – – ID173 cust=J

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