3 Stupid Easy Ways To Buy Gold & Silver Bullion [Coins & Bars]

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This is how you can buy gold coins and bars (plus silver!) in easy, automatic ways. When you’re choosing to invest in gold these are the top ways to do so.Enter here for your chance to win free 1oz Silver Maple coins that are 99.99% pure silver from Maple Leaf Golds: https://www.mapleleafgolds.com/free-silver/In this video I discuss the top 3 ways to invest and buy gold bullion coins and bars. Gold and silver provide a great way to diversify your wealth, hedge against inflation, protect your money from hyperinflation or currency collapses.Understand that there are many ways to buy gold and silver but in my opinion these are the top 3 ways:1. Maple Leaf Gold https://www.mapleleafgolds.com/ 2. Silver Gold Bull https://silvergoldbull.ca/ 3. Your local bank or gold distributorIt’s also important to know the downsides of investing in Gold and silver: 1. It’s an unproductive investment – meaning you do not earn any cashflow from it 2. Gold and silver can be difficult to store and transport (especially if you have a lot of it)🎤 Money With Mark Podcast On Spotify: Social Media: Instagram: @Money With Mark Tik Tok: @Money With Markhttps://www.MoneyWithMark.caBackground music credits: bensound.orgLiability Disclaimer: https://www.moneywithmark.ca/disclaimer/ *We may earn a commission if you buy any products or services via the links in this video’s description. This video is not investment, financial, or legal advice. It may be incorrect, outdated, inaccurate, or reflect personal opinions. This video is for entertainment purposes only.

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