£1000 To Buy Gold Coins In The United Kingdom For Gold Stacking!

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YOUTUBE VIDEO PLAYLISTS Stack Or Pass For Different Gold And Silver Coins – https://youtube.com/playlist?list=PLLFGi0fyZNswv9iSBpW6DRGtJpTdIFLDO Monthly Updates On Growing My Gold And Silver Stack – https://youtube.com/playlist?list=PLLFGi0fyZNsyetTjeqGpmKqkuuLt5qaeH Gold And Silver Coin Unboxings – https://youtube.com/playlist?list=PLLFGi0fyZNsy8ij1v-tHfnruSzAkhC5fj£1000 To Buy Gold Coins In The United Kingdom For Gold Stacking!In this video, I touch on my UK gold stacking strategy to get as many low premium gold coins as possible for £1000. I usually use a hypothetical £1000 for these videos but as I actually stack gold half sovereigns as one of my main gold stacking methods I show some of my gold half sovereign stack at the start of the video.I go into premium breakdowns for the various gold coins that I cover in the video to try and show that the more money you pay does not always get your more gold for a larger size coin. Here in the United Kingdom, the gold full sovereign and gold half sovereign are both very popular fractional gold options for stacking but have a much lower premium than their quarter ounce and tenth ounce gold counterparts making them better options for growing a gold stack here.Time Stamps00:00 – £1000 To Spend On Gold. 00:54 – Five Gold Half Sovereigns. 01:47 – Two Gold Full Sovereigns And A Half. 02:53 – Half Ounce Gold Britannia And Half Sovereign. 03:45 – Two Quarter Ounce Gold Britannias.

5 thoughts on “£1000 To Buy Gold Coins In The United Kingdom For Gold Stacking!

  1. Thank you for the videos ,I hope your channel grows up because u give nice tips special for UK new stackers!

    1. Cheers pal, I plan to try to grow the channel for at least a year to see how it does then I will decide if I want to keep going with it but so far, I am enjoying it just as a hobby to talk about my coins :).

  2. Brilliant video on how to invest £1k in gold sovereigns. Thanks for the info! Subbed & Liked 😊👍🏻

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