10 Salt and pepper grinder set designs for the modern interior – COCO LAPINE DESIGN

10 Salt and pepper grinder set designs for the modern interior - COCO LAPINE DESIGN

Ground pepper is a key element while preparing a nice meal and just like grinding salt, it’s so important during and after cooking. Since the salt and pepper shakers or grinders will inevitably take such a prominent spot in the kitchen or dining table, it’s one of those elements that should be pretty so there is no need to hide them away in a cupboard.

You can buy pre-ground salt and add it to a shaker, yet when I’m cooking, I personally like to use coarse salt or even salt crystals sometimes, which is why I prefer a salt grinder instead. As for pepper, a grinder is a no-brainer for me because I think the pre-ground pepper loses so much flavor.

Other than preparing better-tasting food though, I love a well-designed salt and pepper set and I think there are some pretty nifty design pieces that are more modern than the typical Peugeot pepper mill. I have listed my favourites down below for you.

Bottle Grinder salt and pepper mills designed by Norm Architects for Menu

The bottle grinder set designed by Norm Architects for Menu* is shaped like a bottle and sits comfortably in your hand. Since it was first released many years ago, it has become almost like a staple in modern Scandinavian kitchens, and in the meanwhile, the design is available in metal, ceramic, and plastic in many different color combinations.

I like the minimal expression of the design and the ceramic grinders are my personal favorite as the combination with the wood top becomes so much more powerful. A perfect pair made to add freshly ground salt or pepper to your dish both in the kitchen and on the dining room table.

Vipp salt and pepper grinder set

The Vipp salt and pepper mill set is made to fit the kitchen or dining room and the set comes with a dish that holds any salt or pepper residue. The ceramic grinding mechanism can be adjusted to the desired coarseness settings and the metal swivel top gives the set an industrial touch that fits perfectly on a high-end Vipp kitchen, however, it can give a modern look to any minimal kitchen as well. I have had this set in my personal home for years now and I’m very happy with it.

Eva Solo salt and pepper grinders

This pepper and salt mill set* is sold individually as it can be composed in different sizes. The ceramic core comes with a 25-year warranty and each grinding mechanism can be used for either pepper or salt. Different grind settings allow you to set the grind size and the mills are very easy to refill. You can pick the size upon your preference, but I personally think the set works best with two different sizes.

This way you can distinguish salt and pepper and I think it looks aesthetically more balanced.

Kähler Hammershøi salt and pepper mill with a porcelain top

The grooves on the Kähler Hammershøi collection have become somewhat of an icon since over a decade ago and they are a significant element in the design of the salt and pepper grinders as well. The porcelain top is combined with an oak base, which gives the grinders an elegant, Scandinavian appearance.

The porcelain top is available in different colours so you can easily recognize your favorite salt, pepper, or spice grinder from each other. The simple ceramic grinding mechanism from Crushgrind® allows for a coarse grind or fine grind and comes with a 25-year warranty.

Skagerak Hammer grinder

The design of the Hammer grinder is inspired by nature and the old fortress on the Danish island of Bornholm. The Hammer grinder is available in teak or oak and together they make a neat little set for your grind salt or pepper.

OyOy Hoop mill salt and pepper grinders

The Hoop salt and pepper grinder from OyOy is probably the most playful design in this list. It’s a perfect design for adding freshly ground pepper or your favorite salt to a dish on the dinner table. The design comes in two different FSC-certified wood finishes so you can distinguish pepper, salt, or other spices you have inside.

Rig Tig Cheffy salt and pepper shakers

The Cheffy mess-free salt grinder designed by Renaud Defrancesco is very easy to fill and the streamlined grooves and rounded top offer a good grip for easy grinding. The ceramic grinder can withstand daily wear and tear and is made to last many years to come.

Alessi Twergi salt and pepper grinder set designed by Ettore Sottsass

Ettore Sottsass designed the Twergi pepper mill along with a number of other wooden products for Alessi. The mill is made with a classic woodturning technique and comes in multiple designs and cheerful colorways so you can customize and combine your personal set to your liking.

Owl salt and pepper shakers designed by Jesper Wolff for Spring Copenhagen

These cute Owl salt and pepper mills designed by Jesper Wolff for Spring Copenhagen are inspired by northern hemisphere wildlife, resulting in a playful, charming, and humorous design that can be seen both in the kitchen as well as on the dining table.

Ferm Living Pebble pepper and salt grinders

The organic form and soft curves of the sculptural ‘Pebble’ grinders by Ferm Living are made out of FSC™-certified ash with a carbonized finish. The organic design is inspired by man-made stacks of stones often raised for memorial purposes. These grinders give your kitchen or dining space an artistic and sculptural element and the grinders are almost like an art object rather than a functional kitchen element.

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