10 DO’s & DONT’S When BUYING SILVER & GOLD BULLION Tips for New Precious Metals Stackers & Investors

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I made a big silver purchase Fourth of July weekend and I wanted to share with you. In this video we talk about all the different ways you might accidentally over pay when buying silver or gold bullion. I share tips and advice for new precious metals investors based on my nine years of experience with bullion.There’s a lot to learn when first getting involved with precious metals. That’s why I created this video containing 10 do’s and don’ts for purchasing gold, silver, platinum, palladium, rhodium.My goal with these videos is to help you get the best deal on precious metals for your dollar. And to share with you what I’ve learned after buying silver and gold. I want people to avoid pitfalls that eat your profit like paying sales tax and shipping!!!

24 thoughts on “10 DO’s & DONT’S When BUYING SILVER & GOLD BULLION Tips for New Precious Metals Stackers & Investors

  1. Iv just starting stacking and in the uk it so
    dear to buy iv watched a few videos and I keep earing spot just over price I never seen that iam paying 29.to 33 english pounds without shipping and its getting to much sad really if it carry on i will have to stop stacking because its not worth buying not at them prices In America get some cracking deals its a shame that the uk dosnt follow suit wish we could even the rounds are mega dear too ..

    1. I heard similar stories from people in Spain. High taxes on bullion high prices and expensive shipping. It’s discouraging to stack with that situation and I’m sad to hear about it.

  2. I only paid $240 in 10oz bar of silver a few months back and there was no sales tax. My shop doesnt charge sales tax on bullion whatsoever. It was my first bullion purchase ever. I was initially surprised to see that there were no taxes, didnt ask questions, and reasoned that it was a currency exchange rather than a purchase. Ive bought many times since, a variety of metals and a spectrum of prices and quantities, and they never charge taxes. I dont know how universal this is. I live in Washington state. Youre literally the first person to even mention sales taxes, and I see it as completely off the wall and baseless in my albeit limited experience. Ive even looked at other shops, and at online merchants, and found they too dont charge taxes. I really dont know where youre getting your info from. Maybe this is state specific? Or maybe your video is grossly out of date.

    And why would anyone purchase online? Seriously. They charge shipping costs. You might be able to reduce that cost or eliminate it entirely if you buy in bulk, but now youre just risking all that bullion in postal transit. Now youre going to want to buy insurance too on the shipment, right? Which do you want to pay: shipping, insurance, or both? Or maybe its insured by default, but I guarantee they’re taking it out of you with the markup, regardless. Think of the risk to the merchant if all you had to do was claim you never got the package. And then you dont know what youre going to get either. Foreign metals, especially chinese, are impure scams. You cant verify the quality or content of your bullion when you buy online like you can if you buy in person, which is far more reliable – they literally have roots in the community, they answer to society, and can be severely harmed by a bad reputation. You can check the quality right then and there before you buy, if you know how, and there are no shipping costs. You dont have to wait to receive, deal with international laws, foreign sales tax, or the snooping eyes of the USPS.

    My shop literally only takes debit and cash. They are considering taking crypto. But they absolutely refuse to take credit or any kind of written check. The rates they charge are already marked up for their own profits AND to offset the debit transaction fee…. but the rates they charge are flat; they dont change the cost based on how any particular customer is paying. They’re literally the only shop in the county so I dont have options to buy elsewhere.

  3. In other States such as NY it is only $1,000 and soon these taxes will probably be going away…..

    1. That’s awesome. Sometimes I wanna buy a silver round as a gift for my brothers but I hate that I have to pay so much tax on small purchases so I avoid buying something new

  4. Been highly considering purchasing silver recently and this video is really helping me out. Any updates that you may have made within the past year since uploading this video?

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